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Floral, Miel, Candy



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This washed process batch comes from Gisezerwa, part of the Gasura washing station. It is surrounded by hills, located in the north of Burundi, specifically in the Kirundo province. This area is known as the coffee cradle of Burundi, where five beautiful lakes are located; Cohoha, Rweru, Rwihinda (bird lake), Kanzigiri, Gacamirinda in the Bugesera region.

Gasura is one of 7 washing stations operating in the north-east of Burundi. It is situated at an altitude of 1665 mt, and has an average of between 1500-1800mm of rain during the year. The region is known for growing the Burbon Rojo varietal.

During 2022-2023, the washing station received coffee cherries from 400 farmers in the hills of; Canika, Mutukura, Vumbi, Kavumo, Kiraro, Burarana. These farmers are part of the “Terimbere” cooperative, in Kirundi, which means “Let's move forward”.

In the logic of women's empowerment, an attempt is made to promote the participation of Gasura women in coffee production and in the development of society. Women are involved in the plantation from seed to harvest. Their participation in coffee production activities is also encouraged during the harvest season at the Gasura washing station.

Producer: Small Farmers

Station: Gasura, Kirundo Province

Variety: Red Bourbon

Altitude: 1665 masl

Benefit: Wash

Notes: Floral, Honey, Candy

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