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Fresa, Caramelo, Cacao



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DIRECT DEALING: Luz Albani Suarez

This is a direct deal lot, we bought this coffee at the auction held in Colombia, Cauca at the World Coffee Fair at an average price of $6.20/Pound.

Luz Albani works her farm together with her children and her husband, this coffee of the Castillo variety and with a natural process is a round cup with good body, a fruity and sweet fragrance of fruit compote and sweet caramel.

The Brittany Farm is located in the village of Porvenir, in the Municipality of Morales in Cauca. It is a coffee that is cultivated at an altitude of 1750mt.

In aroma, the confronted profiles are accentuated with notes of pear and ripe peach.

Its flavor and the residual is a continuous game of complexity with these fruits and with the appearance of cocoa.
The selection of these coffees leads us to our identity brand, generating value in the chain, recognizing the work of the workers paying the coffees at a fair price and thus we can directly establish a relationship with them, always looking for the quality of their coffees and making the shortest way for the consumption of these coffees to our customers.

  • Finca Brittany
  • Producer Luz Albaniz Suarez
  • Variety: Castle
  • Benefit: Natural
  • Sensory profile: Pear, peach, cocoa.
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