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Bergamota, Canela, Floral



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Edwin Noreña – Turning the tradition of Coffee towards innovation – Limited Edition


Finca Campo Hermoso is a 25-hectare farm in Circasia, a well-known producing area in the Quindio region, Colombia. It is located at an altitude between 1750-1900 masl, but clearly stands out for its uniqueness of experimental Bourbon and Caturra coffees.

Edwin Noreña is the designer behind these experimental processes. It is the 4th generation producer, with a passion for innovation, creating the most interesting profiles and turning the coffee tradition towards something that Quindio has not yet seen.

Edwin Noreña has dedicated 20 years of his life so far to coffee production, 10 of which have been focused on the study and experimentation of specialty coffee. And teaches it. Thanks to the high quality and distinctive processing methods, Edwin's coffees have been part of championships for many years all over the world.


Edwin Noreña has developed different processing techniques for each coffee grown at Finca Campo Hermoso.

The process that follows includes 2 fermentations.

The cherries are picked above 23 degrees Brix before soaking in water for 4 hours. The initial fermentation begins with a carbonic maceration for 72 hours with must (juice from the squeezed coffee cherries). After this first fermentation comes a second carbonic fermentation for 72 hours with must and fruit.

The coffee is then sun-dried on African beds for 25 days until the humidity reaches 10.5%.

Finally, the coffee goes through humidity stability for 8 days in the warehouse, and the coffee is packaged in bags of grain pro.

The Coffee Quest works together with the farm to create a sustainable value chain and scale exceptional products like this one.


For many producers, growing coffee is an essential part of their lives. It is especially true for the so-called “coffee triangle”, of which the Quindio region is a part. But, having the tools and knowledge to modernize and improve coffee production is not that common. Therefore, fostering innovation, such as Noreña's experimental process, and supporting the improvement of farmers' livelihoods, is a pillar to create a healthy and happy coffee community not only in Colombia but worldwide.


Edwin Noreña's approach differs from that of many traditional farmers. First, normally the producers use between 20 to 40 liters of water for each Kg of dry coffee obtained (in parchment). Edwin does not involve the intervention of water. On the other hand, it uses the peel as organic compost (liquid and solid) and fertilizer. Finally, by the end of the first quarter of 2023, Edwin expects to switch to solar power throughout its coffee processing plant.

Producer: Edwin Norena

Farm Campo Hermoso, Quindio

Altitude: 1750-1900 masl

Variety: Purple Caturra

Process: Double Carbonic Maceration of 72h each fermentation, fermented in juice of the cherry itself.

Profile: Bergamot, cinnamon, floral.

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