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Melocotón, Naranja, Miel



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Ethiopia Khalid Shifa

Attached to this farm where Khalid grew up, he has run it for several years with the same dedication as his father and grandfather. Family business where he now works with his brother; both are constantly looking to improve the quality of their coffee. This approach is guided by a sustained attention to the preservation of the natural environment of these lands. Khalid is well aware that this natural heritage is an essential factor in the uniqueness of his productions.

Echemo Farm

Finca Echemo was inherited by Khalid from his grandfather. At the time, it was a small coffee plantation established with wild coffee plants from the Choché forest, where legend describes as the cradle of coffee in Ethiopia. In this forest a young shepherd named Kaldi (and not Khalid!) would have discovered the virtues of coffee. His goats showed boundless energy after grazing on the coffee trees. Intrigued by this phenomenon, Kaldi revealed the potential of coffee.

Khalid always has Choché varieties on his farm, which he considers a heritage and which he takes special care of. His father also managed these plantations all his life; Khalid and his brother farm coffee just as consistently as previous generations.

The family farm has grown since then, and now extends over 35 hectares, in the Jimma appellation, at an altitude of 2100m. It takes place within a rich environment, the biodiversity of which Khalid and his brother seek to maintain. They established a nursery for new coffee plants. They have 31 African beds for coffee drying, of which 6 are reserved exclusively for the honey process. Khalid developed this process following the recommendations of the Belco teams in Ethiopia. For 3 years, this joint work has allowed us to improve the quality of the coffee that is produced here, to the satisfaction of all.

Farm: Echemo

Producer: Khalid Shifa

Zone: Goma, Jimma

Variety: Heirloom

Altitude: 2100 masl

Collect: Manual

Process: Washed, Drying on African Beds

Tasting Notes: Peach, Lemon, Orange, Honey.

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