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Melocotón, Mora, Ciruela



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The producer of this very special batch is Asman Arianto , originally from South Sumatra. He has been living and working in Aceh Tengas since 1998. Most of the producers are migrants, due to the evacuation due to the activation of the volcano in Sinabung Berastagi in 2013.

During his early days in Aceh, Asman entered the coffee industry and began collecting and processing wet-hulled coffee. He immediately switched to picking the cherries and processing it as Washed, Honey or Natural .

In 2018 he created the cooperative "Ribang Gayo Musara Cooperative" . Its objective is to offer competitive prices that can help producers reinvest in their farms and in the family. The cooperative currently has more than 350 members who deliver their cherries to the processing station in Pantan Musara.

The cooperative helps growers to get better and higher prices for their cherries . As members of the cooperative they receive a second pay at the end of the season benefits achieved by the highest quality lots. Finally, the coop. offers training and dissemination for all producers from cultivation to processing .

Harvest and Post-Harvest

Indonesia is known for its unique process 'Wet Hulled' or Trillado en Mojado called "Giling Basah". Asman and his team want to expand the possibilities of Indonesian coffee by diversifying processing methods.

The cherries are hand-picked from members' farms. The cherry goes through a rigorous selection, and then goes on to dry on raised beds in greenhouses.

Producer: Asman Arianto

Station: Ribang Gayo Musara Cooperative, North Sumatra, Aceh Tengas.

Variety: Abyssinia, Ateng, Gayo 1, Gayo 2, Timtim

Altitude: 1500-1700 masl

Benefit: Natural

Farm Size: 0.5 - 2.5 hectares

Notes: Peach, Blackberry, Plum, Dark Chocolate

Ribang Gayo Musara Cooperative & Asman Arianto from Sucafina Specialty on Vimeo .

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