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Piña, Cacao, Azucar de Caña



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In the department of Cuzco, the Mandor area is located in the town of San Fernando and owes its name to a species of tree that was abundant in the area (Prosopis chilensis). In Mandor, coffee usually grows under the shade of trees such as pacae, pine, and other native species; It is generally irrigated by sprinklers and fed with organic fertilizers made by the coffee growers themselves.

As in other areas, the cultivation of coffee is an activity that passes from generation to generation and that children inherit from a very young age, participating in the activities necessary for its cultivation, helping their parents and relatives. And precisely this has been the case of the six producers who have worked the coffee from this lot called Mandor and those that we present below:

  • Juana Ananpa
  • Cyprian Stew
  • Celia Leguia
  • Beltran Leguia
  • John Taype
  • Eudes Taype

Of all of them, we would like to tell the story of Juana Ananpa because she has a very inspiring drive for coffee growing and for the role it plays in her community.

Juana is a 67-year-old woman, a widow and has 9 children. He came to the community of San Fernando with his father when he was very young. Years later she married and, together with her husband, they began to grow products for their own consumption. However, in 1980 they decided to grow coffee, which brought more income to the family, so they could offer a better education to their children. Currently, some of them are dedicated to other careers, but others decided to continue with the family heritage of growing coffee.

Today, Juana, in addition to cultivating one of the best coffees in Mandor, is the leader of the community's women's committee and infects the women with her enthusiasm for this work and caring for the coffee.

  • Province: The Incahuasi Convention
  • District: San Fernando
  • Community:
  • Number of producers: 6
  • Average farm size: 6 Hectares
  • Varieties: Typical, Bourbon and Limani
  • Altitude farm: 1890 – 2245 meters
  • Main Harvest Period: Processing:
  • Drying:Natural
  • Drying on African beds for 15 – 20 days

Sweet, fruity with notes of ripe pineapple fruit and balanced with pure cocoa mass, cane sugar and soft notes of dried fruit.

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