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Cítrico, Vainilla, Miel, Avellana



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Daniel Quispe is a follower of the natural and organic lifestyle. When creating the Canán farm, they built with his wife a sustainable production that takes into account the environment when producing specialty coffees. Very proud, they share their knowledge with their 3 children so that one day they can take over the farm.

The Canan farm is located at 1415 meters above sea level in the Kollasuyo region. This agroecological region is conducive to growing coffee thanks to the richness of its fauna and flora. This forested area also includes medicinal and aromatic agroecological plants, which serve as a source of economic resources for producers.


Daniel Quispe bought his farm in 1994. He chose to call it Canán to echo the wealth of the farm, which he himself defines as a blessed farm. The altitude of 1415 meters, the abundance of water and the fertility of the soil are beneficial for the cultivation of varieties such as Catuai and Caturras. Coffee trees grow in the shade of trees such as cedar and sikili. Shade cultivation favors the growth of this exceptional coffee.


In 1987, Daniel Quispe immigrated to the Yungas in 1987 from the province of Bautista Saavedra in search of better days. By working in coffee production, Daniel managed to improve his income. He is now married and the father of 3 children who he teaches the basics of coffee production to later spend on the farm. Daniel closely follows all stages of production, from the ground to the process, in order to control and adjust the quality of his coffees, as well as their flavor profiles.

Washing Station: Finca Cañándonosla

Producer: Daniel Quispe

Zone: Kollasuyo

Variety: Red Catuai

Altitude: 1415 masl

Collect: Manual

Process: Washed, dried on African beds

Tasting Notes: Citrus-Lemon, Vanilla Sugar, Caramel, Honey, Hazelnut.

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