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Dulce, Caramelo, Chocolate



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Fazenda Bagagem is a family business located in the Chapada dos Veadeiros region, specifically in the state of Goiás. Our relationship with the Orioli family began two years ago, they provide us with our Brazilian coffees from direct treatment.

The Bagagem farm has UTZ and Rainforest certifications.

The production is located in the Cerrado Region at an altitude of 1100 mt, the harvest begins in June and lasts until August/September where they grow Catuais.

Each fruit is carefully selected and transported.
The harvest is controlled by the BRIX degree of the coffee fruit. The coffee is usually harvested by people from the local community.

At the Bagagem farm they use different processes; natural and semi-washed and shelled cherry. The coffee is dried on paved terraces and suspended terraces (they can be in the shade or in direct sun).

This coffee is pulped and dried in high beds, it consists of drying whole cherries placed immediately after harvesting.

  • Producer: Álvaro Luiz Orioli
  • Farm: Bagagem, Cerrado Region
  • Variety: Red Catuai
  • Altitude: 950 meters
  • Process: Natural

Cup profile: Sweets, chocolate and caramel.

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