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Cacao, Caramelo, Afrutado



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This is one of our collaborative projects where we are directly committed to your production company.

DIVA EDMILE SÁNCHEZ PECHENÉ, a coffee farmer from the village of La Laja, in the municipality of Popayán, for 15 years. It has two hectares planted with Castillo Tambo variety coffee, with an age of three years and a population of 8,000 trees, with which it has a production potential of 2,800 kilograms of export-type coffee per year.

The management of the crop has been traditional, with the personal work of his mother and his children aged 13 and 15, who, in addition to studying, help with the cultivation work. The harvested coffee was processed on the farm of an aunt, because she did not have the infrastructure to make a timely and adequate processing, for this reason, she had to move the harvest to where her aunt, by car, making a two-hour journey, she which increases production costs too much.

This situation generated technical and economic difficulties for her because she could not adequately process her coffee. Trike Koffee Roasters decided to get involved in supporting her by allowing her to acquire a J-GALLO pulper with two jets, a tub for pulping and washing coffee along with with a greenhouse plastic for the dryer 10m long by 8m wide in 2018, in 2019 we delivered another extra contribution to build the dryers and thanks to these inputs he has been able to improve the quality of the grain and minimize the production costs of my final product such as dry parchment coffee.

  • Producer: Diva Edmile Sánchez
  • Region: La Laja, Popayan
  • Variety: Castillo Tambo
  • Process: Washing
  • ACS point: 82
  • Cup profile: Cocoa, Caramel, Fruity.
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