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Clavo, Floral, Afrutado, Chocolate



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Coffee with a white flower fragrance, with fruity and spicy notes, full-bodied and high acidity.

Supply Chain North Kivu

Since 2018, the supply chain has been sourcing organic and UTZ-certified coffee from small farmers in North Kivu in semi-washed and fully-washed forms. Their presence on the shores of Lake Edward has enabled thousands of farmers to access the market and benefit from technical training. With 7,019 farmers enrolled in its programs, the Supply Chain now employs 4 qualified agronomist supervisors who interact with farmer groups through a network of agronomists and community leaders.

  • 7 washing stations 1525 - 1800 masl - 26 Agros
  • 5 microwashing stations - Internal control system
  • 5,019 UTZ and organic certified farmers

Region: North Kivu - Hutwe

Small Producers

Altitude: 1500 masl

Variety: Bourbon

Process: Washing

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